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by wforbes

(Part 1 of my Programming Concepts Series)

Welcome! Let’s begin your journey into learning how to write code and develop computer software with an overview of some basic concepts. If I taught a college-level introductory programming course, the content in these Programming Concepts pages would be what I lecture on first. I really wish I knew more about these concepts when I was starting out. So it made sense to start this guide with them.

Most of the textbooks and online tutorials for programming that I’ve seen waste no time diving right into learning the rules of code and guiding the learner through writing their own code. I’ll assume if that’s what you want, you’ll skim right through these pages or skip them entirely. That’s okay! I’ve encountered quite a few very seasoned software developers with many years of work experience that may have never considered some of the concepts described on these pages. Yet, they’ve gotten by just fine – so I’m sure you can too… but I think you’d be missing out.

Although I try to write as I simply as I can, it will help to have a high school graduate’s reading level. It will also help to have a basic level of knowledge and abilities on a modern computer. I found this article that lists a few options for learning more fundamental computer skills, but I’m sure you can figure out anything you don’t understand with some Google searching.

I hope that this will give you a more full picture of the programming landscape. It’ll shine some light on the wide choices of jobs and industries that are involved with software and give you plenty of insight into what the process of developing software actually is. These are the things they don’t always tell you about when you’re starting out.

Let’s get started!

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