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Programming Concepts

by wforbes

I wrote all of these topics in one long page you can find here. Now, I’m rewriting it and adding its sections here. When that process is finished I’ll add a little intro paragraph here. Stay tuned!

Part 1: Welcome

Part 2: It’s Used Everywhere

Part 3: Learn To Code, Improve Your Life

Part 4: Instructions in Source Code

Part 5: File Extensions and File Types

Part 6: Programming Languages and Their Syntax

Part 7: Thinking Like a Programmer – Building an Algorithm

Part 8: Thinking Like a Programmer – Computational Thinking

Part 9: Thinking Like a Programmer – Using Abstraction and Pattern Recognition

Part 10: Thinking Like a Programmer – Decomposition and Structured Analysis

Part 11: Solving Problems Professionally

Part 12: Solving Problems Personally

Part 13: Conclusion