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by wforbes

last updated: 7/19/2020

This page is dedicated to helping guide you through learning how to develop software. These aren’t exactly ‘tutorials‘ because the internet already has enough of those. Simple programming tutorials where you quickly learn the bare minimum of information on a subject are readily available, and links to many of them are provided in the pages below. I don’t think I’d be doing anyone any good by adding another hundred tutorials to the internet. Instead, I’d like you to think of these as guides that bring you through as much useful information and insight on writing software as I’m capable of sharing. My capability to do that will keep growing with time, so you should expect these pages to get updated and change in the future.

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In this Programming Concepts series, I put together a set of pages that are meant to be a general primer for anyone who might be interested in the subject. These skim some core concepts of programming that I wish I knew when I was starting out.

Here we explore all the ways programming is used throughout society. We touch on the opportunities that are available for working in the software industry and some hints at how learning to code can improve your life. We step through the basic concepts of what code is made out of on a fundamental level.

Then we really dive into some core strategies that programmers use to create algorithms and build solid computer applications. Finally, we touch on the useful problem-solving abilities that learning how to code can help improve and pontificate on how those abilities can sometimes help make life less stressful.

Introduction to Programming (COMING SOON)

When you’re just starting out with learning to code, you’re bombarded with an endless barrage of information. New terms, ideas, nuances, and concepts. There’s just no getting around it… there’s a lot to know, but where should you start? Here we start simply. To get some deeper context, we explore some history and fundamental information on how computers work. We then move into some ground-level information about programming languages to know what’s out there and help decide what to concentrate on first. After that, I’ve tried to condense that barrage of information down and give you useful reference links to resources that you can bookmark. Then, I guide you through the basics of your chosen programming language.

Brief History of Computers

Computer Fundamentals

Programming Languages


Getting Started With Java

Java Learning Resources


Getting Started With JavaScript

JavaScript Learning Resources


Getting Started With PHP

PHP Learning Resources


Getting Started With Python

Python Learning Resources


Getting Started With C

C Learning Resources


Getting Started With C++

C++ Learning Resources

Intermediate Programming (COMING SOON)

After you really get going with programming and you spend a year or two learning the basics, it can be tough to find solid tutorials or guides that keep you moving forward. The amount of readily available resources start to dry up. This is the phase of learning that has been referred to as the “Desert of Despair”. At this point, things can get tough. Many of the beginner tutorials that teach you the basics will spoon-feed you information and hold your hand so much that it’s normal to get accustomed to that kind of treatment. Then, as things get more challenging, resources become less plentiful, and you need to think for yourself more to figure out intermediate or advanced topics… it’s common to get stuck. These pages on Intermediate topics look to help solve this situation. Don’t give up. The rewards that await you on the other side are worth the struggle.