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Skateboarding Practice – Week 2

by wforbes

This week I worked on trying to get my backside smiths better and kept working on my switch backside tailslides. I could only film on Sunday morning, so I just have one video this week. I got a new trick on Saturday off camera, but that’ll have to wait til’ next week.


  • Frontside Tailslide, Backside Tailslide
  • Frontside 5-0, Backside 5-0 (kinda sloppy)
  • Frontside Smith, Backside Smith ( 2 times )
  • Frontside Nosegrind, Backside Nosegrind (the backside took forever for some reason)
  • Backside Smith ( 6 times )
  • Switch Back Tail ( 6 times )
  • Switch Back Tail, Regular Back Tail ( 2 times )

Thanks for watching. Gonna keep it going next weekend!

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