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Goals for 2022

by wforbes

Looking for a fresh start and a solid direction, I cleared out the random little blogs and articles that had accumulated the last 3 years and I have some simple goals set for this year.

Don’t worry, you weren’t missing much with what I cleared out. Here’s the summary: I got a new well paying tech job in 2019, I started reading more and set a bunch of wild goals to for myself, I made some extremely long blog articles no one was going to read, I made a couple extremely detailed web development articles no one was going to read, then I came back around and realized I didn’t accomplish nearly half of the goals I set for myself. Live, learn, new day, here are my goals this year.

Quit vaping

I’ve been buying disposable vapes from the store every week since 2019. That’s over 100 of these things, costing between $10 to $20 each. An educated guess would put the price tag on this habit to be just about $2000.

If I had invested that $2000 in an S&P 500 index fund ETF stock it would be worth over $3000 today. I’m not sure what I could have done with $3000, but most things would be better than giving myself popcorn lung.

It’s time to give it up.

Code every day

I’m finally over the ‘intermediate’ hump that every software developer faces in their career. Too good for beginner projects, not good enough for advanced topics. I feel ready to dive deeper into the rabbit hole but I know it’ll take a commitment to working on code every day in my free time. Reading about it, watching videos, inspecting others’ projects, that’s all well and good – but working on my own code consistently is really going to be what it takes to get further.

Last year I added new code to the projects I work on 1,313 times. It helps that it’s my job, but I can’t share the code I write for work. If you don’t count coding for work, I’m sure that number is much less. I’d like to concentrate on creating code I can openly get feedback from others on.

I’ve had the desire to write articles and making videos to teach what I know about coding. Even managed to post a few of them. I took the wrong approach though. Articles that were too long and overly detailed, videos that weren’t scripted or planned well enough. Got to keep trying.

It’s time to put my head down and work.

Skateboard every day

I’m 34 years old and not getting any younger. I won’t be able to skateboard forever. While I can, I should.

I’m not in prime physical condition, but I’m still in shape. It takes longer to recover from a night of skating than it used to, but I’m not trying to win any Olympic medals here. I just want to keep up the habit and not become someone who “used to skate back in the day”.

It’s hard to film even a minute of skateboarding footage – each trick lasts just 5 to 10 seconds at the longest, but can take an hour to land successfully sometimes. Over the years I got quite a bit of my skating on film, with the help of friends. Thank you friends. Though, even after 24 years of skateboarding I only have about 20 minutes of footage… maybe about 10 minutes of my really best tricks. The thing is, my best tricks 5 years ago aren’t so besty anymore. At this point I feel like I should have more of my skateboarding documented and most of the friends I used to skate with quit, I’m just going to start filming myself with a tripod.

It’s time to put some effort into it.

Talk less, do more

It’s fun to talk about stuff you want to do. It feels good. It almost gives you the same sort of mental reward as actually doing doing it. I could get on this blog and rip through page after page of all the goals, ideas and dreams I have. All the things I want to accomplish. That doesn’t get me anywhere though.

It’s a bad habit. I’m sure you’ve met the type. They’ve got a million great ideas, but they haven’t started a single one of them. I don’t want to be that guy.

This blog post is pointless if I don’t follow through.

So like every new year, I start again with a little more experience.

Talk to you soon.

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