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Omnia Story Notes

by wforbes

These notes are a collection of ideas that will form the world of Omnia, a video game I’m working on.

screen captures of the menu, top-down, and platformer views

The World of Omnia

The story of Omnia is set in a fantasy world of magic and technology. The fusion of magic and technology has enabled 
incredible advances in the way of life for the rich and wealthy kingdoms of the world - formally referred to as the 
Royal Union. Though, not everyone is lucky enough to have been born into or allowed entrance to these kingdoms and their 
partner nations. Even now, 800 years after the Royal Union's formation, much of the world's population has been forced 
to live a more simple, humble lifestyle in the Outer Colonies. Subsisting on a far less advanced manufacturing and 
agricultural way of life, the Outer Colonies are made up of a vast collection of civilizations ranging from small nomadic 
tribes and disparate village communities, all the way up to small countries with large capital cities. The Outer Colonies 
mainly serve to supply the Royal Union kingdoms with basic products and foods in trade agreements that many have agreed 
are incredibly unfair and one-sided in the favor of the Union.

Tensions between the Royal Union and the Outer Colonies have grown over the last century, occasionally erupting into small 
battles over trade and territory. An all-out war between the Union and the Colonies would mean a major loss of resources 
for the Union and either a massacre or total enslavement for the Colonies. The people of the Colonies know just enough 
magic to be protected from a forced rule of the Union, and the Union would rather not undertake the production of basic 
products and food they require to continue their advanced lifestyle. The Colonies have, and continue to, fight and war 
between themselves - but these skirmishes rarely last for long with the common enemy of the Union in mind to help settle
their differences. So for now the world hangs in an unfair, yet peaceful balance.
The federated nations of the Royal Union have long insisted that the incorporation of all the Colonies into the Union at 
once would destabilize the balance of power in the world. This is because the sharing of their highly guarded magically 
infused technology gifts it's users with abilities far beyond anything now known to the populations of the Colonies. 
Instead, the Union decided long ago that Colonies would be added to the federated nations of the Union one at a time, 
only once every century, on a few conditions. To be included a Colony has to have reached certain milestones and can 
fulfill certain requirements. Colonies must have discovered and perfected an advanced understanding of magic enough to 
demonstrate a sufficient use of all core magic disciplines. This includes: Abjuration, Alteration, Conjuration, Divination,
and Evocation. The discovery and demonstration of Portal magic precludes all of these disciplines and immediately nominates a Colony for inclusion, but this form of magic isn't even known by most people.
MagiTech, the state-sanctioned company that produces the magic technology, and all of it's products have long been kept 
guarded by the ruling monarchy of the Royal Union. Any unsanctioned use or production of MagiTech is expressly forbidden 
and was made illegal hundreds of years ago. This crime is punishable by either death, or a complete memory wipe and 
expulsion through an Infinite Portal. This type of portal sends the user into what the scholars of the Union believe to 
be another dimension - or plane of existence. 

The ancient texts regarding Infinite Portals elude to the idea that there exists an infinite amount of alternate 
dimensions, all with their own rules of physics, time, and magical properties. Only one person in all of the 21,000 years 
of recorded history of the world has ever been able to return from an Infinite Portal - this was the first King of the 
Royal Union. His return from the Omni-verse marked the end of the war and the first peaceful agreement between the major kingdoms and the formation of the Royal Union.
The research of magic is a sacred guarded discipline that relies on the study of ancient texts and books that were scattered
throughout the world many millennia ago by the founders of magic, known as "The Illuminated". These texts were written 
in a time long before the modern technology of today, long before the wars that eventually led to the formation of the 
Royal Union, and in most cases they are all that remain from their various time periods. All throughout history, libraries 
were burned, knowledge erased, and entire civilizations crumbled - but these Sacred Texts have survived. Protected by 
impenetrable Abjuration magic, passed down through the generations, collected, stolen, fought for, and lost - they are 
the most powerful, useful, valuable and important physical items in the world. Of the many dozens of volumes, the Royal 
Union and MagiTech have most of those that are known. Some are still lost throughout the ruins of war and collapse, others 
were hidden deep underground, and still some are kept safe by the members of ancient Magic Guilds.

Magic guilds are secret societies of magic users whose membership include both Union and free people. Above all else they 
have sworn a life oath to protect their secrets and their magical artifacts. They guard the world from the beasts and 
monsters that still linger in the wilds, left over from the last portal invasion - some 6000 years ago. They've vowed 
to protect all of humanity and ensure the safe progression of history. Hired by the Union and inducted into various 
Colonies to perform magical services and teach them the lesser magics that help them and protect them day to day.

(more information to come)