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Daily Blog #4 – Game Update, Reading, Journal Concepts

by wforbes

Game Update for Omnia

In the last blog I mostly talked about the video game project I recently started working on again. Today I got the main menu working on the JavaFX framework. Here’s the old version running on the AWT framework:

Omnia menu running on Java AWT

And now as a direct comparison, here’s the same menu running on JavaFX:

Omnia menu running on JavaFX

I’m happy with how smooth the fonts are rendered and how smooth the background animation is. It was a bit of a pain to figure out the best way to rewrite the code, but I can tell that it was a good move going forward.


I’ve been reading at least 30 mins everyday and I like how it makes me feel. I really highly recommend the book I’m working through now – The Obstacle Is The Way. It’s an easy read, but provides so many interesting and useful concepts that I’m sure will really help me in life going forward.

The all knowing YouTube algorithm brought me this video today and I’ve started watching this guy’s channel:

That’s a lot of books

My main goal with reading regularly is simply to increase my reading speed, so I found this video on that interesting as well. I can’t imagine reading an entire book in one day – as I end up only finishing about 25 pages per day right now. The tips the speaker gives in this Ted Talk are thought-provoking and I’m looking forward to trying them:


Back in 2017 I picked up the habit of journaling and writing every day. I would open up a Google Doc and just type out things I thought of or kept track of what I worked on and read. It really helped turn my life around and by the end of that year, I had written well over 100,000 words. I kept notes on the programming concepts I was learning and all types of stuff. In the proceeding years, I still kept a journal but I didn’t write in it every day or even every week, a lot of the time.

Now we’re here at the end of 2020 and I have two journals next to me. One is like a planner/scheduler that I write down things I did that day and the time I spent on them – along with thoughts and ideas, notes. The other is more dedicated to art and creative concepts. When I work on a guitar riff I’ll scribble down the tabs for it, I’ll draw random things and doodle in it.

I’d like to combine those two journals and use them for information in these blogs, and I’ll work on figuring out a system for that in the next few months. It’d just so time-consuming to not only take the time to write in those physical journals – but also spend the time to copy the noteworthy stuff into this blog.

That’s it for today

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