Hello, my name's Will Forbes. Thanks for checking out my site!
As often as I can remember to I'm adding a little info on what I do in my day to day to keep track of how I spend my time.
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30 Days Of React on Fullstack React

7/19/2018 9:00pm

Continuing on my progress toward learning React, the front end web framework developed by Facebook, I've started on a free ebook called "30 Days of React" hosted on In this ebook the author explains everything from the basic information on Components to advanced topics like Deployment and Continuous Integration. I'm looking forward to digging in to the details and getting some new insights into this valuable development skill set!

Relearning Math on Khan Academy

6/28/2018 2:00pm

In order to get ready for taking online classes with Western Governor's University I've been doing math exercises on Khan Academy. It's a great platform for all ages to learn many different subjects like Computer Science, Physics, Biology, Economics, Entrepreneurship, as well as Test prep for the SAT, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT and others. It's a great educational website with alot to offer. For now I'm working my way through Algebra to get back up to speed and ready for Calculus!

Learning on FreeCodeCamp

6/12/2018 3:00pm

Today I explored and started in on the 10 new additions to If you don't know, Free Code Camp is an awesome site that teaches you everything you need to know about HTML, CSS and Javascript to help get you ready for a career in web development. Just recently they added over 1000 new challenges, new certifications, a new project format with test suites, and tons more. If you're interested in learning to code for the web, look no further than!

Learning Android Development

6/11/2018 8:00pm

Today I'm diving into creating some basic Android apps with another Youtube tutorial series: " Android Studio For Beginners". The series guides you through getting your development environment set up and creating some simple apps for Android! Android Studio is covered in these tutorials, which I'm finding is a really great IDE. I've also started the udemy lessons offered from the Google Developers Training. I'm hoping to update my Java skills with learning these basics in Android and moving to more advanced topics soon!

Learning WebGL

6/10/2018 4:00pm

Today I've been looking into WebGL through some Youtube tutorials. WebGL stands for Web Graphics Library and it's a relatively new addition to the internet that allows web developers to create 2d and 3d graphics on web pages. There are quite a few resources available to learning this new API on sites like: Mozilla Web Docs, Khronos Group's overview, WebGL Fundamentals, and WebGL2 Fundamentals. I'm hoping to update my skills to be able to find cool ways to use this API to add more interesting graphics to my web projects!

Here's the little spinning cube I made from the Youtube tutorial.

Climbing Mt. Williamson

6/9/2018 5:00pm

Today I unplugged from the computer and went out on a hike with my Dad. We went into the San Gabriel mountains to climb Mt. Williamson. The hike was about 5 miles round trip with around 1500ft of gain.

Learning Minecraft Modding

6/8/2018 1:00pm

Today I've started learning the basics of Minecraft mods from from a Youtube tutorial series Minecraft 1.12.2: Modding Tutorial. The series goes through setting up the Minecraft modding development environment and creating custom game features.

Minecraft is a widely popular game, especially among younger kids, which offers the ability to modify the game - adding custom items and other assets to it. I'm hoping that I will be able to learn enough about the topic so that I might be able to give coding lessons using Minecraft as a learning tool. Of course, I myself still have a lot to learn before that's possible!

Learning React

6/7/2018 6:30pm

Today I'm learning more about the React Javascript library through a tutorial on Youtube React Tutorial for Beginners - Getting Started. React is a tool used by Web Developers to create fast and interactive user interfaces for web sites.

Earlier in the week I went through a different React tutorial "React Fundamentals - Full Course for Beginners" to build a small app to search for TV Series. That tutorial moved quickly through a number of topics including: React Elements, JSX, Components, Props, State, Lifecycle, Async Calls, Containers, React Router and more.

React is the first library to rise above jQuery in job popularity in a decade and doesn't appear to be slowing down. According to job trends it's listed as the most popular job posting among javascript libraries. Thus, I've started to learn about it and dive in on these tutorials.

Meditating at St. Andrew's Abbey

6/6/2018 5:00pm

Today I went to pray and meditate at St. Andrew's Abbey. It's located a half hour southeast of Palmdale, CA tucked into the hills of Valyermo. It's a Benedictine Monastery where Monks live, pray and work. There's a large coy pond and a fully stocked library of religious books. The perfect place to enjoy some quiet time and reflect on life.